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I’m Florian Mortgat, a trained conference interpreter from the University of Geneva and a translator. I started programming educational software in 2002 and Leximnesia’s first predecessor was coded in 2003.

The idea behind the Leximnesia project (an SRS) became mature while I was studying in Grenoble, back in 2006. The software eventually came to be in 2007, when I went to Germany as a French-language teacher assistant at a Realschule.

This website is primarily dedicated to the Leximnesia software, but it also hosts a few other projects, some of which might be useful to translators and interpreters.


my name and surname joined by a single dot an 'at' sign the domain name of this site

Skype / LinkedIn / Facebook: just type my full name in the search field.

Note: Without the many people at Freenode who helped me without asking for any reward, Leximnesia wouldn’t exist. So I’m Eiku on Freenode, you might find me there sometimes.

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