Source code

Desktop Version (python)

The source code is included in the standard install (the .py files). It lacks whitelines, but it remains readable and relatively well written.

Web (javascript) version

Most of the source code runs on client side, and as any good browser allows you to display the source, you will easily have the javascript, the css and the html (which is an empty shell, not much more than ).

I don’t use mootools or jquery or mochikit yet, though I might start one to use one of them one day, and maybe raphael too.

If you are interested in the javascript requests to ajax.php, send me an e-mail and I will send you the code. I plan to change the protocol (to make it more secure and reliable).

Here is all the javascript

Finding what you want (what functions do what)

What functions are involved in building the user interface?

  • BasicElem, E, Eclass, Eid (my way to build DOM Elements)
  • LxaUI, and functions matching "Lxa.*UI", plus launchUI (the actual UI, based on BasicElems)
  • maybe errorMessage and infoMessage
However, this is very probably not the best way to program this in Javascript!

Where is the repetition algorithm?

  • In LxaCard, look at getInsertPoint, but I warn you: it is very basic.

Where is the syntax of the txt (list) files described?

  • The least interesting part of it is parseRawList, inside LxaApp
  • The most interesting part of it is qaSyntax, inside nothing (but I should put it in LxaApp to be more logical)

How do you send your Ajax requests?

  • I wrap them in ajaptReqs, which uses mkHttpObject. For an example of ajaptReq, look at protocol.getSubDirs.
I am satisfied with ajaptReq, the only thing is that my protocol doesn’t specify an "OK" return code, so it is a little like « no news good news », and can lead to mistakes (like displaying "saved" while nothing has been saved). I intend to fix this one day.

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