Drones Fight

Drones Fight is a small game in which you control or program two so-called drones fighting each other. Each of the two players can program his or her drone, controlling thrust, missiles and direction with a simple scripting language.

While the game is playable, it could be extended to make the scripting language more powerful (as of today, it is too easy to make a good script, so there is little fun).


  • Install python (2.7 recommended) and pygame (most Desktop Linux distros provide packages for them ; Windows binaries are easy to find by just googling their names).
  • Download it (source code included!)
  • Un-tar.gz it (for Windows users, I recommend using 7-zip, and for others, you probably have the right application already)
  • Run (using python) dronesFight.py from the DronesFight directory.

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